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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 13, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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thanks to our panel. i'm john scott. thanks for watching. keep it right here on fox news channel keep it right here for another edition of fox news watch. >> tonight on j.. fireworks in the republican debate. who fizzled and who is on fire. and plus, the first man to investigate the pen state child abuse claim vanishes. >> if you have seen ray contact the police. >> did he know too much? and new details from baby lisa's brother about the night she disappeared. are police closing in? she is brutially assaulted by her husband and order to pay spousal report. that is coming up on justice. >> i am judge janine pirro.
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the loss in nebraska ended the worst streak in penn state history. are several young boys raped by jerry sanducky and the alleged cover up from the higher ups in the school. former coach paterno was not at the game but son joe was. we love you. we are joined by our guests. guys, thank you for being with me tonight. i know bob, you were in the game today as well. >> absolutely. >> what was the mood at the game and what was energy and what was it like? >> it was a interesting afternoon in beaver stadium. pregame ceremony system what i will remember most. all of the players on both teams and 300 former penn
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state players met at midfield and it was a prayer and an amazing scene to be honest with you. there is so much hurt in the community over the past week and many people are ready to move on. and pregame ceremony was really amazing. >> bob? >> i traveled through the tailgates for two hours prior to the start of the game. mood in the parking lot was apprehensive and tense and a lot of anger and questions about what was going to happen? >> it was not the normal. >> it was not tailgate city in central pep pen. and as corey said when the players came out and hundreds of former players from the u.s. came out on the field and knelt down with the nebraska players. 110,000 people were totally silent. >> interesting. >> and then the game happened and it was other college
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football game. >> i want you to look at this image. this is in front of joe paterno's house earlier today. all right. guys look at that. who are those guys and what is that about? corey, do you know? >> i don't have a visual imamming of that. there has been tremendous support for joe paternos, there were chants of joe paor joe paterno. the community here, there is a lot of frustration and outrage from a lot of people especially students who think that the national media and state media had made it all about joe paterno, and they are frustrated because jerry sandusky is villian number one but joe paterno was fired and until a week ago joe paterno was a saint. you don't go from being a
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saint for 46 years and getting fired and expect everyone in community to be up in arms against the guy. here joe paterno is unbelievably loved and popular figure. >> corey just said he was a saint or scapegoat? >> judge, he was a scapegoat. he was nailed to the proverbial cross like jesus himself. board of trustees laid upon him a crown of thorns that were the sins of jerry sandusky. >> woah. >> joe paterno did nothing wrong and did exactly what. he had a third allegation and he reported it up the line. >> he and sandusky were connected. they had a 1998 investigation which we talk to the da about in 2002, and then a guy who hung with him as he brought
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kids to camp. you think he didn't know? >> i think they were so close to the problem you can't see it when it is right in front of you. jerry sandusky was always with children and adopted 7 children and he brought kids to camp and to games. it was not unusual to see jerry sandusky with lots of kids. >> there is it a 1998 investigation. the da is involved and child protective services and university police and all of the sudden, mike mcquery at that time, graduate assistant, i saw this guy raping a child in the showers in the football building . >> he doesn't think back to '98. should he have done more, tom? >> i haven't heard anything convincing that he knew about it >> but mcquery said i went to his house.
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>> judge, you talked about how paterno and sandusky was close. it took a lot of guts for joe paterno in 2002 based on hear say to go behind his friend's back. >> it is not hear say. the graduate student said coach, i saw sandusky having sex in the shower. i am here. paterno said i will tell someone. >> paterno lets the athletic director to his house and sees the situation dealt with it. he is not an administrator, he is a football coach. >> he is the saint and king and bigger than anyone there. >> joe paterno is penn state. and there is so much confusion because you have contrasting images. we would like to think that if we were in joe paterpo's situation as a regular person
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would have called the cops and demand the bosses do something. >> he didn't call the cops. he didn't call the university police. should he have? >> he didn't witness the incident. >> you work in my office. >> i know, there is it a lot of difficult sex cases, but we know that sometimes people falsely report incident. >> wait a minute. then why they. the offer the guy who saw the rape a job with coach paterpo if he was not credible. >> that is the administration and athletic director. and they should all hang. >> what you are saying it is not his job. >> it is his job to report the incident and that's what he did. it took a lot of courage. >> it took no courage. >> to make sure the right thing is done. >> thank you, corey.
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>> back to tom. >> and the responsibility as a human being, no question there is a moral responsibility. and in pennsylvania we have a tip line. anyone can call be anonymous and call in and say hey, i am not giving you my name. but this is what i heard about this person and would you please do something about it >> tom, why did he hire a criminal defense attorney if he is in the right? >> is that a admission of guilt. you put guys like me. >> there is no question even though we have eight kids there will be more and joe is going to have a problem with not reporting it. do you really think that with all of the investigation and complaints and mike mcquery, that paterno didn't know. >> judge you have to understand. there was only one incident
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alleged. >> we are talking rape. >> that occurred when sandusky oned with paterno. in 2002 he is three years removed. how much do you want the current football coach to say. >> i wouldn't want him on the campus. >> he was allowed to come to the practice with a child and still allowed to work with a second mild program and working with children. >> thank you for talking about that am. and i think the voluminous problem he had was such volume. >> would it have taken you three years. >> no. me neither. corey, tom, thank you. stand by. >> up next. what happened to the da who investigated the early reports
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in the penn state scandal. he vanished without a trace. >> and then highlights from tonight's gop debate in south carolina.
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>> of course adding to the tragedy in penn state is the mystery over what happened to the district attorney that investigated the allegations of child sexual abuse? spring 1998, accusations of sexual abuse emerged and jerry sandusky acting inappropriately with a young boy. ray greecard is called in. police set up a sting and the mom captures sandusky admitting that he showered with her 11 year old son. after a six-week investigation
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he declines to prosecute and the case is dropped. fast forward to 2005. his 20th year as district attorney, well respected, he is only months away from retirement. friday april 15th. he takes the day off. he calls his girlfriend patti and tells her he's going for a drive. that evening, ray doesn't come home. >> i expected him to be at home at five. when i came home to work. and i was concerned. >> the next day his red mini cooper is found abandoned in a parking lot. when they opened car there are ashes on the passenger seat and strange, because grecar is not a smoker and didn't allow smoking in the car x. inside of the locked vehicle is his
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cell phone. there are no signs of a struggle and wallet and keys are no where to be found and neither is he. >> if you have seen ray contact the police. >> a search is launched, eventually the laptop turns up in the river. the hard drive is not attached. >> why did he have it with him? was it something he was working on or did he meet somebody and things went bad? >> no trace of ray is ever found. finally last july he was declared legally dead. so what happened to him? could his disappearance be connected to the investigation of sandusky and penn state? >> with me is robert and crime reporter david, i will go to you first.
12:16 am
what are you hearing about the disappearance of da and allegations against jerry sandusky. >> because of the allegations. rumors are starting to circulate now. did he take a pay off or disappear and did somebody shut him up? we don't know. but the mystery is two-fold, not only the disappearance of ray, but if you look back in 1996, his brother roy had disappeared under similar circumstances. his vehicle was found abandoned near a bridge in ohio, difference was his body was found in the river and that was suicide. >> go ahead. >> you know, was it a case of suicide or somebody he prosecuted getting revenge or somebody trying to shut him up? we don't know the answer. >> the truth is, bob, i spoke to his nephew and he said you
12:17 am
know, i don't believe that this case was properly investigated. do you agree with that? >> i think the working hypothesis either he jumped in the river like his brother or maybe he ran away with a female or mystery person and either the body will be found in the river, or he will turn up and have explaining to do to people. >> neither happened. >> ray never believed his brother committed suicide. he felt that his brother would not commit suicide to leave his boys without a father. >> no question he was not suffering from depression. why didn't he file charges against sandusky? >> because the evidence was not specific . >> how? >> in pennsylvania, it requires not just touching, but you have to show and prove
12:18 am
beyond a reasonable doubt. >> but the truth is, ray, the da instigated the and the wire tapping and eavesdropping and sandusky replies, were your private parts touching. maybe, i am sorry, i wish i could get forgiveness. would you go forward with that? >> i would not. in the grand jury report. the mother of the victim asked a question of sandusky and did you have any sexual feelings when you were touched and no response. under pennsylvania law that is insufficient for sexual gratiction. >> that is crazy. the predator has to say yeah, i enjoyed before you prosecute. >> or you need to have witnesses to show other things. >> crazy. robert and david thank you for being here. >> coming up.
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new developments in the search for baby lisa. cell phone roars ippedicate someone tried to access the phone messages. josh is the attorney for the irwin family. thank you, john. >> you are the local attorney in kansas city and joe tacapena is the lead attorney on the case. i understand that the boys five and eight or six and eight were finally questioned.
12:23 am
what took so long. >> actually, the delay was caused by the f.b.i.. i became involved on november first and it was at their request that we allowed the boys to be interviewed by the specialist and waited for the person to come from dc. >> this happened on october 4th. it doesn't take six weeks. >> and we agreed on television 1st and it took 10 days. >> what did the boys say. >> i don't know. i was not in there. i the younger boy was little less with the interview than the older boy. i know when it concluded they didn't have new developments to report. >> there are new developments about the cell phone. from day one we heard about the 8:30 and len and a 2:30 call. what can you tell us about the
12:24 am
len:pen -- 11 time phone call. they had the phones. >> we don't have the ability to see the evidence. we rely on what they tell us. the number that was dialed was a number that went out to megan wright who had no connection to our client. >> okay. you have 11:57 phone call to megan wright. >> it didn't reach her. the number of dialed but not the ability for outgoing phone calls. it went to the call center where it was a message. >> let's assume there is a 11:57 phone call the girl with the pink hair. what did and it mean to me. >> it tells you the client was telling the truth. a call was out to somebody she didn't know. how many numbers do you have.
12:25 am
the people you know. and you call them on many ooh in the past. there is no connection on any phone record of any connection between debby bradly and this girl with the pink hair as you said. i think we have mark furman. do we have mark. mark, if you haven't been connected yet. the issue is the 11:57 phone call that the f.b.i. indicated made to megan wright's phone. how does that help the irvin family and the theory of the parents doing something or an outsider doing something. >> i am not sure it helps either side either way. we still don't know if the call was made by debra bradly, if she misdialed and got megan
12:26 am
wright by accident. if they didn't say anything. i don't know how that would go down exactly. but 23:57. is a tighter time frame, you know that means that the suspect came in and kidnapped the child and came through the winnow and found the cell phone and within 60 minutes made a phone call. it seems a little tight. she came in at 10:30. and 11:57. if we have a suspect involved here things are happening pretty fast and i don't see how that helps debra bradly. >> what about the idea that someone tried to acess the voice mail. >> that is ridiculous about the phone call going to the person. who would call someone they don't know? it doesn't make sense at all. and the person. the megan white person is the
12:27 am
ex-girlfriend of the person who was seen going through homes in windows. >> who tried to acess the phone mail. >> we don't know. >> who tried and why? >> i don't know who tried to acess the voice mail. i would suspect that the f.b.i. tried to acess the voice mail or police once they got the phones. when we see this go down, it doesn't mean that somebody in that household did not make the phone call for the very first time or if somebody gave them a phone number or accidentally got ahold of megan wright. >> it is a tough one. i wish we could keep going on thank you, for being with us this evening. and highlights from the republican debate. and then her exhusband was convicted of abusing her and
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live from america's news headquarters, police in three cities gearing up for a possible battle with occupy protesters within hours. new worries it will turn violent in portland where officials think a group will be planning an attack. and they have notified they have got to get out of the park or face arrest. in salt lake city, occupiers have been ordered to clear out of a park within just hours. and resigning saturday, bringing an end to a 17 year era. the news greeted by cheers and jeers from thousand who's packed streets of rome. the former european commissioner mario monte
12:32 am
remains the top choice as the country deals with debt woes. now back to justice with judge janine. this is a fox news alert. the debate in south carolina winding up. foreign policy and national security were the main topicings. the debate capped off a tough week of politicings. last few weeks, brutal for the gop candidates. herman cain, long shot turned top dog was hounded by the media over sexual harassment allegations. four accusers say herman cain was not able to keep his hands to himself. but despite the flurries of punches. he coasted still atop of the leaderboard and had only one misstep in the life giving nancy pelosi a new. >> we didn't hear about it in
12:33 am
the previous congress because princess nancy said it and never came out. >> it barely makes news because rick perry makes a texas size blunder when he blanks out. >> the third agency i would do away with. education. and commerce. and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry, oops. >> next day, his big news and two-step through the the half doysen news and i stipulated in it last night for sure. there ises of government i would like to forget and i forgot the department of energy. >> you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> and one man to feel the pain was newt gingrich whose campaign took off in may and
12:34 am
hit turbulence. others are fade he gained ground. and has him tied for second. and all eyes on south carolina tonight and hoping that the candidates know something about foreign policy and if someone forgets the oops. >> and chief political corsphondant is in south carolina. karl, welcome. there is a division among candidates tonight about whether to continue foreign aid to pakistan? >> hi, judge. there was not a lot of division. this was all of the candidates hit their stride in the sense they played the role they would like to be viewed as having. there was division over foreign aid to punctuation. and some say it should be zero-ed. and rick perry said pakistan needs to be assessed before
12:35 am
given more money. and others think it should be a ally. this is a sampbling of the split. >> we need a president of the united states working with a congress that sends a clear message to every country. it doesn't make a difference if it is or indyap. foreign aid budget for every country starts at zero dollars. zero dollars. and then we'll have a conversation. and then we'll have a conversation in this country about whether or not a penny of our taxpayer dollars needs to go in those countries. we need to say foreign aid to countries that don't. >> what he said made perfect sense. why would you start every year. giving them seven billion a year and start off in the case of evipt three billion . here's three billion and now i
12:36 am
will think start off with wrero and explain to me why i should give you a penny. >> pakistan is a difficult area because they are housing terrorist and al-qaida and other militia dealing with that. i would not agree to pull all foreign aid from pakistan. i would reduce foreign aid to many, many countries. pakistan has a nuclear weapon. >> a lot of pakistan don't back the networks and that causes as much trouble in pakistan as it caused us in afghanistan. we need to work with elements was pakistan and there are elements of pakistan and the military. we need to continue the aid relationship and of course, we know the aid relationship with military aid is all spent in the united states. it is not giving money away. it is sending military hardware and crets jobs and
12:37 am
creates relationships and dependency on the weapon. >> senator pakistan. friend or fro? >> we don't know. >> there were a number of questions on which there were divisions and splits. bachmann thought a stage set for a world wide nuclear war against israel. newt gingrich acquitted himself and showed off command of complex issues and chose not to take criticism of fellow republicans and focused it on obama and there was a lot of criticism of the obama administration and for the most part no hits or gaffes for the candidates it was a big night for all of them and trying to get back in the role they were seeking in the entire campaign, judge. 90 minutes and hour was televised and the tense debate in the history backs and looks
12:38 am
like the candidates in south carolina are coming across the way they would like to. >> and rick perry joked about his gaffe in the last debate. >> when it comes to clean up exercises, rick perry took advantage. no jokes from herman cain about the allegations of sexual harass am. but rick perry was asked about energy and that is what he forgot in michigan and he did with humor what he sort of running from. watch >> you advocate the elimination department of energy. >> glad you remembered it. [laughter] >> i have had time to think about it, sir. >> me, too. rick perry had a lot of cleaning up to do. and rick perry did a lot of cleaning up and come across
12:39 am
humorous and had a strong look at the issues . we are seven weeks away from the first debates. and now the race begins, judge. we are in a crunch time and every single day has huge consequences for the outcome of the nomination. >> no question about it. thank you so much. it is bad enough she was abused and assaulted by an exhusband . then a court tells her she has to pay him spousal support. >> are you kidding? ♪ it's true. u never forget your first subaru.
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when you open an account. >> if crystal harris thought divorcing her abusive husband would make her troubles go away she was painfully wrong. a few years ago. crystal harris' life appears perfect. a steady job of financial analyst and mother of two sons and married 12 years to husband sean. but behind the closed doors, the story is much different. sean is abusing her. >> he was terrorized me and threatened me. >> crystal said the abuse goes on for years and gradually escalating and he starts to threaten your life. he said if it is over and you call the police again i will kill you. he was so serious i 100
12:44 am
percent believed him. in 2008 she decides it is time to leave. but she gets smart. >> if i am not going to be around much longer, i am going to get the death threats on tape. >> were you worried that people would not believe you. >> yes, i never confided what was going on. >> crystal hides a tape recorder in the dressier and hoping to document the death threats and she captures something much worse. on a friday afternoon. sean comes after here. okay, okay. >> what happened. >> decided he wanted sex that day. 3:00 in the afternoon. and i said no and i start to realize that is going to happen without my consent. >> he chokes her. i'm sorry . >> and violently sexual assaulted her.
12:45 am
911 engineer're - emergency. >> i need the police here. >> what is going on my husband is threatened to kill me and he choked and raped me. >> sean is arrested for the sexual assault and eventually convicted in criminal court. but in divorce court, something unbelievable happens. >> you were working and he wasn't. >> the judge orders crystal to pay sean spousal support. >> i was initially ordered to pay $3000 and he said but because of the domestic violence. i will drop that to $1,000. >> what was your reaction? >> i was horrified and i felt victimized all over again. it is are prehensible that a judge has to pay the rapist. that's what he has done. my rapist was my husband and that's what he has done. >> crystal's story was crazy.
12:46 am
but the judge ordered her to pay because of a loop hole in the law. >> and on top of the support, crystal is ordered to pay exhusband $47,000 for his legal fees in the divorce. >> jeffrey is an author of the book. >> she has to pay the abuser, explain the law to me . >> the law in california gives discretion to every judge in the state of california to do exactly what this judge did. and judges can't legislate reality or legislate law e form in the courtroom. they must follow the law and this judge had discretion to do what he did. he did based on the law and a lot of people claim that the law needs to be changed. >> do you think that a man who threatens his wife is convicted of sexual assaulting her and in state prison six years and entitled to get
12:47 am
spousal support? what was the judge thinking? >> the reality based on the law, the mother's attorney better start moving quickly to file a motion to substitute that judge or get a different judge because that judge will give more money to the man when he gets out of prison and that mother's lawyer better inform her to file a tort action to try to get a judgment. >> to get that money. >> the law in california said that in an attempted murder case that the spouse who is convicted of attempted murder of the husband or wife, does not have to pay spousal support. this is a violent felony close to attempted murder, and so why should she have to anything. don't you think the judge abused the discretion. and - >> it was not a attempted murder. >> it was a felony.
12:48 am
>> but the law doesn't state violent felony. it states attempted murder. the law would have to be changed and to delete attempted murder and put in felony. >> is that something you would support? do you think either way. >> i don't support, this is gender neutral. i don't support anyone being rewarded for a crime of domestic violence and a sexual component of forced copulation. >> had she not taken the precaution of having that audio tape, that he never would have been convicted of the offense. >> without that audio tape, he wouldn't have been convicted. it would have been a possible planning, and planning and with the audio tape she got the conviction. >> you know what, it appears there was years of abuse and she finally had enough.
12:49 am
>> great to see you, judge. >> thank you. >> and up next, my sumulation on the penn state scandal . plus, the coaches of penn state are not the only ones state are not the only ones getting death threats . this new at&t 4g lte is fast. did you hear sam... promoted to director? so 12 seconds ago. we should get him a present. thanks for the gift basket. you're welcome. you're welcome. did you see hr just sent out new... rules? cause you're currently in violation of 6 of them. oh yeah, baby? ...and 7. did you guys hear that fred is leaving? so 30 seconds ago. [ noisemakers blow ] [ both ] we'll miss you! oh, facecake! there's some leftover cake. [ male announcer ] the new htc vivid. stay a step ahead with at&t 4g lte, with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. ♪ what's vanishing deductible all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductle. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100.
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we lighten things up with the latest from the entertainment world. the senior executive editor of radar on line and tar mag wreen is here. good evening. >> judge, good evening to you. >> what is going on with kim kardashian? >> i can tell you kim kardashian cancelled a host of event that is she had planned for the next couple of weeks and she worked and filmed a
12:53 am
movie, tyler perry's movie entitled marriage counseling something that she could have used and she chose not to and she's feeling the pressure and she needs to get it away from it all. there are death threets and there were no death threats. >> she needs to get away from it all? interesting. >> and i doned not how she could be cast in a movie called the marriage counselor? that is in the theater of the absurd. >> indeed it was. she went to minnesota and confronted kris humphreys and sources tell me it was not necessarily reconciliation, it was mediation and she filed and expects the divorce to be finalized in the next six months. >> they are not going to work it out.
12:54 am
>> and let's go to the latest in the justin bieber baby momma scandal. >> this is a story that continues and a match of epic porportions. and justin bieber saying he's not the father and her legal team saying they had hard credible evidence. and the man he was speaking to, jeffrey living it has swelled to three. and they want justin bieber to the do the test. and so that that scandal cannot be done in any way. justin bieber's camp agreed to do that next week when he returns to europe. >> maury povich made a pitch to justin bieber's camp. >> thank you .
12:55 am
and now my sumulation- summation. we argue about whether the winningest coach in america's college history should have done more or a 20 year old grad student can witness a 10 year old raped and walk away . penn state can survive the financial tornado about to shake the foundation, i think about the horrors suffered by eight young boys disadvantage would by the cards that are them. they are lacking in social and economic support . they wanted nothing more than a chance of happiness and a new pair of sneakers and a walk on the sidelines of the big game. pedophiles insignulate themselves in to the lives of the voiceless . they walk us as pillars of the community and masking the evil within.
12:56 am
make no mistake. the number of these boys is not eight. it is like 80 or 800, i know, i prosecuted these cases for 30 years and one of these victims, the one in the shower who knew that an adult saw the rape and didn't lift a finger to protect or defend himself simply walked away. and the victims will look at the world through the pris'm of that one single traumatic event and the intimacy will be remembered by a predator. a special place in hell for those who violent the children. it is not shades of gray. it is right or wrong or good or evil . i don't care about the storied tradition of a football hero. they knew that we knew and knew that we did nothing.
12:57 am
joe, you were right. you said pray for the victim and while at it. say a prayer for yourself. thanks for joining us. e-mail your comments at justice at hey buddy, wattaya lookin' a-oooh. ♪ [ female announcer ] mini™ meets berries. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats cereal with a touch ofruit in the middle. helloooooo fruit in the mile.
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